Organizing your costumes

So here I am back again with an organization post getting ready for the competition season.  If your are like me your child will be competing in more then one number and keeping all the costume parts and pieces together can be a struggle.  Here are a few tips and tricks that I have learned in the past three years on how to do it.  If you have any new ideas please comment them below maybe you know something I don’t.

amazon garment bag

The best way to organize costumes that I have found is to use a Garment bag for each costume.  There are many styles out there some have pockets to help you organize them while others do not.  Personally I do not use a garment bag with pockets because my budget just doesn’t allow it.  I bought mine on and look similar to what the picture looks like.  You can find all sorts of styles some are clear and some are colored.  You can get plastic or breathable cloth.  If you choose to get a garment bag without pockets you will need ziplock bags to keep your accessories organized.  A permanent marker will be your best friend on those ziplocks make sure you label them so you know what costume they go to and what should be in there because competition can get crazy and you may not put everything back in its place until later in the day.  Some people like to use just one garment bag to carry all their costumes and that is fine too don’t let me tell you what will work for you because I can only tell you what works for me.  I considered the single garment bag but decided that since I had to carry about six to ten costumes with me every time I went somewhere that it would be too crowded in that bag for all my costumes.  If you are only going to need to carry three to four costumes depending on fluffiness you could get away with one nice garment bag.

Now how do I   keep my colored garment bags organized I LABEL them.  I have tried all sorts of different ways to label them but a note card tied to the hanger or pinned to the bag tend to work best for me.  Although I do plan on trying to create a sticker version for plastic bags i am not sure if you can remove them or would just have to keep applying over the same one.  I am hoping to open an Etsy shop soon that will have my Dance Labels for sale along with some fun stickers.  Basically when I label my costumes I start with the Dancer’s Name because when you have two kids dancing that is usually the most important thing when handing them out.  I then describe the costume and what song it is being used for.  Then i move on to the style of tights and shoes that are needed for that costume.  I then list any hair accessories and the hair style for that particular costume.  At the bottom of my label I list any additional information I might need to know such as a certain makeup style or lipstick color for example.  That’s how i label my costumes.  Sometimes if I know what the routine number is I will add that in the top corner so that when I hang them up they are in the right order but that is usually only at our recitals and not at competition.

Hopefully between 5 Tips to prepare for a competition and this one on how to organize your costumes you will be ready to go at your first competition or recital with multiple costumes.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me I love to hear from all of you gals and guys.  If you want to add anything to my lists feel free to comment with how you do it who knows i may steal an idea or two from you to make my organization skills better.


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