​     Hey everyone so I will really try to keep the boring stories to a minimum but this is just one that I had to share with all of you and I will throw in some great information about pointe shoes fitting and what you will need to get.  

     My daughter got her first pointe shoes this past weekend and I wanted to share our experience with you so that anyone going onto pointe has some idea of what you are getting into.  

     The first thing I will say is be prepared for the excitement!!  Cheyenne was so excited all week long going into this that I was tired of hearing about pointe shoes.  Thank goodness we were out of school on Friday because she wouldn’t have been able to focus at all.  Secondly always go to a dance store that specializes in fitting pointe shoes.  In my area a good one is in Akron Ohio called Stage Center.  But if you don’t live near me your Pointe instructor can tell you where to go.  As the parent I wanted to choose the cheapest pair since I knew I would be buying again in  four to six months because her foot grew but I had to sit back and let the experts handle this.  


 So we arrive at the store at our appointed time and the fun begins.  The first thing they did was each girl had there own expert to work with.  They talked to them and got all the important information like name, age, dance studio and then measured their foot to see what size to start with.  According to the experts they fit a pointe shoes to the larger foot that is measured.  After you know what size to start with put on the toe pad and try on the first shoe.  There are more styles then you would believe.  Each brand makes two to three styles so go with what feels good and don’t be surprised if that changes as you grow and become a stronger dancer.  Once you have the shoes on you walk over to the ballet barre  and step up on to the box( the fancy name for the front of the shoe.)  After you are up on pointe they check to make sure the shoe is still fitting properly and you aren’t sinking inside it too much.  After that you may try on 2-6 more styles to see which one feels the most comfortable for you.


 Once you find the shoe for you you then have to buy it and all the others things you will need.  So along with your shoes you will need a mesh bag to store them in so that they can air out after every use.  NEVER close them up in your dance bag because the shoes will break down faster and not last you as long.  Also don’t leave them in a hot car for long for the same reason.  You will be buying toe pads and possibly spacers these you can wash in mild soapy water and let air dry.  Never leave your toe pads in the pointe shoes or they won’t dry properly.  You may also need a boxliner to help fit one shoe tighter on your foot but this is only if you feel it is loose  I and you continue to sink into the box of your shoe.  Along with your pointe shoes you will receive ribbons and elastic that you have to sew on. Wait to sew them until your pointe instructor okays the shoes. Once you have sewn them you can not return them.  They will go over all your care instructions with you but I put the main details in here so that you have an idea of what you’re getting into.

     Well that is all I can tell you hope that this helps all you parents getting ready for pointe shoes to have an idea of what to look forward to when your child starts Pointe.  I love hearing from you so please feel free to comment on this post or contact me with any questions.  I hope you join my mailing list so that you can stay up to date on all my tips and tricks about dance.  Talk to you next time.



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