5 Tips To Prepare For Competition

Hey Everyone so after two seasons and starting into my third of competition dance I think I have finally figured out the most stress free way of getting ready for it.  Over the next few weeks this is what I will be doing to get ready and enjoy myself this season. These top 5 tips are my way of doing things, if you have any suggestions or ideas on how to do this better please message me. I love hearing from all you Dance Moms and Dads out there.  Hopefully this helps you to have a stress free competition or at least a Stress-less one.  Hugs to all the dancers you inspire me to do what I am doing.  Now onto my tips for competition.

  1. Prepare a list of everything you need to pack around two to three weeks in advance of your first competition.  If you have no idea of what you should pack join my mailing list and I will send you a downloadable version of my master packing list.  I will give you one thing though right now, make sure you take all costumes and accessories to said costumes.  That and the shoes are your most important things everything else can be borrowed or packed next time.  You don’t have to have everything except your costumes!!
  2. Practice Practice Practice…OK so I am not a girly girl in anyway so this next one is for all you moms or dads who have no clue about hair or makeup like me. I usually start  about the same time as I do with my pack list practicing the hair and makeup styles that will be used.  If your child is in more than one number practice switching from one style to another that way you feel comfortable doing it the day of.  Never I repeat never do you want to go into a competition with no clue how to do a style of hair or makeup. If you practice and still can’t get it right ask another mom at least the week before if she can help you get ready that way she can plan the time to help.
  3. Organize your dance bag about one to two weeks prior to the competition. Check off items on the master packing list as you pack them.  Get small containers to pack like items together.  You can use any bag that you want. I know some people love the Dream Duffel or the Rac N Roll bags but don’t feel like you have to spend tons of money on a fancy bag.  I actually use a large suitcase that my husband built a clothing rack inside to hold costumes.  Our first year we just used a small suitcase since she only had one routine.  Would I love to have have a fancy Dream Duffel yes yes I would but I will find ways to work with what I have.  Also organize your costumes I will be posting at length about that later and will update a link to that post. But the best tool for organizing those is to Label them.  Join my mailing list and I will also send you a free version of my costume bag labels along with your master pack list.
  4. Make a shopping list the week before the competition.  Reference that pack list that you were checking off as you organized you bag.  What do you still need are there snacks that your child likes better than my suggestions add them to your list remember my list is what I have found if you think of other things add them to the list and feel free to email me and I can update my list this might be my third year of competition but I bet I missed things on my list still.
  5. Pack your bag…..And last but definitely not least two to three days before start packing that bag.  Everything that you can possibly put in there now do it this means less stress the night before.  Again use your list of items to pack double check them.  Then when you add the final items make sure you didn’t pull out that one item you need.

Ok so there you have my top 5 TIPS for preparing for a competition, sit back and enjoy a nice glass of wine, or a stiff drink, if that is what you prefer and know that you have done everything in your power to make your child’s competition the best it can be.  Remind your child or children that competition is supposed to be fun and you will be proud of them as long as they go out and do their best hug them and enjoy the show!


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